About Me

Just an old profile photo.

What does tetraetila mean?

Nothing! Just a nickname who I put when I started study the Linux Operating System. My first distribution was Mandrake Linux. I spent a lot of time try to install many drivers, there was no support, just foruns and peoples like me looking for solutions. Today is more easy 🙂 I remember the HSP56 Modem and others; very hard times… Plug and Play? Far away dream… If you had 3 Mb of memory and a 14400 Mb/s internal modem, you was: The Guy!

What about Gonzo? I use this picture in my first profiles in the Internet, in Foruns, Geocities, Netscape and other services…

Self-taught and generalist I’m in this path for long, long time… Since MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, Lotus 123 and more… BASIC was my first contact with a programming language. If I don’t know something, I try to learn!